SMB Data Solutions specializes in delivering enterprise intelligent document capture solutions for small and medium size businesses. We utilize Kofax Express and advanced data capture OCR to extract key data from structured or unstructured digital and physical documents.


The SMB Data Solutions team helped us digitize a mountain of paper - making our company much more efficient and compliant.

Insurance Company


Document Capture Solutions Experts

Folder Watch

Combined with Kofax Express, Folder Watch automates the import, processing and export of document images.

SMB Advanced Extraction

Instead of one complex setup screen with hundreds of options, the MetaTool setup is based on a range of easy to understand.

Folder Exporter

Use the versatile Folder export connector to export to a folder and file structure of choice.

Multi Exporter

With the Multi-Export connector you can export a single batch to up to ten different destinations.

Email Export/ Import Connecter

CWith the Email export connector you can scan a batch of documents and distribute them electronically.

Kofax Express

Kofax Express™ is a powerful, all-in-one, easy-to-use, batch-oriented document scan application capable of high-speed


  • Chris and his team at SMB Data Solutions were diligent and thorough in helping us create a customized action plan to digitize all of our patient records. No more paper!
    Katarina Johnes